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Luggage-carrier for rear trunks SUMMER

Luggage-carrier for rear trunks. Made of stainless steel with aluminium bars. Also available in aluminium painted with long-life thermosetting anticorrosion powders.

Recommended for: functional and elegant design, sturdiness, resistance to corrosion.

Types of loads


Code and sizes

  • Cod. 10148 - SUMMER inox + aluminium cm 124x60
  • Cod. 10149 - SUMMER plastified black cm 100x42
  • Cod. 10150 - SUMMER inox + aluminium cm 100x42
  • Cod. 10151 - SUMMER plastified black cm 110x42
  • Cod. 10152 - SUMMER plastified black cm 124x42
  • Cod. 10153 - SUMMER plastified black cm 142x42
  • Cod. 10154 - SUMMER inox + aluminium cm 110x42
  • Cod. 10155 - SUMMER inox + aluminium cm 124x42
  • Cod. 10156 - SUMMER inox + aluminium cm 142x42
  • Cod. 10155.9.3 - SUMMER inox + aluminium cm 124x42

Others information

Lock with key

Carrying capacity 30 kg*

* N.B. The load capacities of our products, indicated in this catalog, are in any case subject to the specific capacity of the roofs of the cars of the various car manufacturers and relative assembly kits.