Take it easy and travel with the Prealpina products

La Prealpina is a Piedmontese company boasting a tradition of over forty years in the production of car roof racks, roof rails, ski racks, bike racks, boat carriers and accessories. Its success is given by the attention to detail, materials used in the production and by the continuous and ample space that it gives to the area of research and development.

Prealpina combines its great technical expertise with new market trends and new ideas in line with international standards.

La Prealpina is focused on customer satisfaction, whose desires and needs are answered in the wide range of products that the company produces, which are synonymous with high quality at competitive prices. You can find LP products not only in the best stores of spare parts and accessories in Italy but also through the network of suppliers in Europe. If you are looking for the answer of your car space problems, the Prealpina is the right solution. Its products are UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified by the Globe Certification Institute that cover the full range of cars and commercial vehicles. Don’t wait to be in the situation of leaving your extra baggage at home because you cannot get it in your car.

Take it easy and travel with the Prealpina products.

The comfort at your disposal: Choose the Prealpina car roof rack

Are you leaving but you don't know how to get everything in your trunk?

Do you want to bring the dog that occupies part of your car and maybe all your trunk? No worries, the easiest solution for your problems is the car rack. The convenience of the car rack is indisputable, especially when you want to move with the whole family. There are clothes and items that you cannot leave at home…but sometimes you have to do that because you cannot get it in the car. Often the luggage compartment is too small to accommodate all your suitcases, and it becomes even more difficult if you decide to bring with you also bicycles, friends, or the indispensable camping kit.

The choice of the Prealpina car carrier is definitely a smart choice. La Prealpina is a company specialized in the production of car roof racks as well as a wide range of roof racks, all the realization of the LP products, from the design, the moulding, the painting until the packaging is completely made in the company near Torino. The Prealpina car carriers are entirely made in Italy and stand out from their competitors for the high quality of the materials, the practicality of their use, and overall they are a solution for almost all cars. The care and attention for every single accessory and for every detail in the realization of the car luggage rack make the Prealpina a leader company in the Italian and European Panorama.

Car Luggage rack: please look at the online purchase guide

Car Carrier The Prealpina is the smart choice when you decide to make your trip more comfortable and enlarge the space capacity of your car. The car luggage rack is an indispensable element not only for motorists who love nature and the outdoors and want to carry their sports equipment, but also for people who have to travel often and want to do it in maximum comfort. Before you buy one you have to choose it carefully

First of all you should check that the car carrier is right for your car model in size. You will also have to check its capacity, depending on the weight and the amount of load recommended. Each car has a maximum load indicated that it will be important to consult.

For some of these reasons and to make its service easier and faster, the Prealpina has decided to dedicate a part of its site to the choice of the car carrier more suited to your needs. Browsing in the Purchasing Guide section or simply typing or pressing this link https://www.laprealpina.net/guida-allacquisto/you will be able, inserting the brand and model of your car, figure out which is the most suitable car rack for you .

The purchase guide is a useful tool, effective and agile, aimed to customers and suppliers, through which you can access in a simple click at the final price of the luggage rack that interests you. You can select in addition to the car rack, the other accessories of La Prealpina as the bike racks, ski and roof racks, comparing models, prices and design.

But La Prelpina offers you much more: the most complete range of products on the market at the best value for money.

La Prealpina car Carrier: The right choice, at the right price

Luggage Rack The Prelpina is synonymous of quality and convenience.

Suitable for every model of car, there are bike racks and ski racks in aluminium and steel, practical and very resistant to continue to cultivate your passion for sport in all relax and comfort. With the roof rack the Prealpina you will not have to reduce to the minimum necessary to let in your luggage compartment your ski equipment or your extra suitcases, you can happily choose what you like without worries of space, enjoying Really the holiday of your dreams.

Car Rack Models La Prelpina: a right solution for every season. Car carries weatherproof, easy to assemble with elegant and functional design.

Here is a list of car carriers available on the site of La Prealpina: Get ready for a fabulous holiday!

SUMMER: Car roof rack designed for the back of your car. Also in painted aluminium with special anti-corrosion thermosetting powders. It is very solid and has a particularly elegant design.

SPRING: Car roof rack made for rear enclosures. It is in steel section, made unbeatable against corrosion by special long life thermo-hardening powders. It is possible to have it also in chromed stainless steel. It has adjustable width mounts and brackets, has the ski-holder blocks as an option, suitable for the model Spider ' 95 Alfa Romeo and Mazda Mx 5.

SIGMA ELLE: You can take everything from luggage, to skiing, from bike to tent, from windsurfing to canoeing. It is entirely realized with steel profiles that thanks to thermosetting powders it becomes particularly resistant to any attempt at corrosion. It has adjustable mounts and supports both in height and width. It is fast, easy and practical to assemble thanks to the closure on one side of the car.

You can only have it paired with the "L" attachment Kit system.

SIGMA RAILING: Car roof rack that mounts directly to the handrail of the station wagon.

It has been designed to resist corrosion thanks to the long life thermo-hardening powders with which the steel profile is painted. It has ribed sides, with scratched sleepers and is transformable in platform. Refined for its solidity, practicality and ease of use.

SIGMA BASE: Car roof rack equipped with ribbed sides with stapled beams. Also in painted steel section with special corrosion-proof thermo-hardening powders. It is adjustable both in length and in width, very versatile for different types of car, it can be transformed into a platform. It is saleable with the "K" attachment Kit system. Its main features are: robustness, great solidity and its particular adaptability.

SIGMA Basket: Car roof rack consisting of a roof rack that must be applied to the roof bars. Made up of ribed sides, with scratched sleepers, transformable in platform. Thanks to the painting with special thermo-hardening powders it is unbeatable against corrosion. It's solid and practical

BOX: Car roof rack with solid shell made of shockproof material approved and TÜV certified.

It is equipped with a centralized locking with safety keys. To improve the rapidity of mounting to the roof rails, it is equipped with the easy block system. It is extremely comfortable to open thanks to the double action plastic springs. It is packaged disassembled so as to reduce the volume during transport. It has a great capacity of reach, it can assemble without using tools, it has a very good aerodynamic penetration and it is really very silent. Between the car racks the box is advisable if you want to keep your items dry and clean. Very practical whether you want to carry your equipment suitable for the needs of winter sports and for the equipment tailored for your summer vacation.

Its design designed to be extremely aerodynamic, it allows to not increase the costs for the fuel.

Car Luggage rack: Evaluates the load and respects the road code

When you leave for a long vacation or just a relaxing weekend you have to pay attention how you charge your car. The limit is not your car rack but the rules of the Highway Code.

First of all, then, evaluate the load. Each car carrier has its own load capacity that should not be exceeded, respect it!

You must therefore, refer to the permissible weight limit that you can check on the registration of your car, check!

If you decided to carry heavy, long and wide objects, remember that there are specific articles of the Highway Code (61 and 164) that put stakes on the measures. The load cannot be fixed in such a way that it risks falling or dispersing, it must not limit the visibility and freedom of the motorist's movements. Lighting fixtures must be clearly visible to other drivers driving on the road and your vehicle must be stable. Also remember that there are certain limits on the projection of the materials you have loaded in the car, both in length and width. Another element that you should not underestimate is the wind: your car with the luggage rack has a wired trim, in the sense that the tail is higher than the muzzle. It is very easy, especially if you drive in a sustained way, that the air can slip under your car and that therefore there is a reduction in the precision of driving. So be careful

La Prealpina guarantees you with its luggage racks, safety and robustness, but you must not forget the code of the road and common sense! Have a nice trip.

Are you going to leave for the holidays with your car? Some tips

Here is a list with the salient and fundamental points in order not to incur unpleasant hassles during the journey.

A few days or weeks before departure check that your passport or ID card is in order .

Before you leave you need to go to your mechanic or garage to control your car.

It would be advisable for you to also check health insurance (if provided), insurance of your vehicle, accident insurance and other insurances that you need .

Remember that any country where you go has a mandatory ' code ' to be complied, for example every European country has its own and particular law regarding car equipment: not complying with this regulation means incurring penalties. It might help to get you the emergency triangle, the reflective vest, and the first aid kit. If your four-legged friend comes with you, be sure to bring you the EU passport for your pet.

Check up the car

Did you get your bags in the trunk and fixed the most on the car rack? Great! We remind you, however, that first of all, when you're about to leave, maybe at Christmas or more simply in summer holidays, you have to make a quote check up the car. It does not take long to turn a beautiful holiday from opportunities for relaxation and serenity into something much less pleasant, perhaps paying a salty sanction or waiting for the wrecker on the roadside. We recommend that you follow these directions.

Tires Go to the mechanic and make sure the tire pressure goes well and that your tires are ok.

The revision; Are you sure your review hasn't expired? Driving a car in a non-standard state can bring you serious problems not only with the police but also with your insurance.

Bring your car to the mechanic and check that it has checked some key aspects:

the engine oil, which should be replaced in case you have to grind many kilometers,

the coolant: think about how many hours you can stay in the tail with the engine on,

the brake pads, penalty the deterioration of the discs. Brake pads must be checked from time to time by checking their status with the view.

It is also important to make sure you have the load washer fluid and well functioning.

Take a look also to t the brushes that…often ruined

Also check the status of the battery to prevent your vehicle from being stationary in a little square of replace or after a coffee break

It is important that your mechanic controls your car before the departure.

Other important recommendations

It is necessary to carry in the car both the license of movement and that of conducting, in addition to a reserve key. The green Insurance Card, the European form of friendly finding, sunglasses and maybe spare glasses if you have a vision problem. Remember the tickets, the money, the travel voucher and the credit cards and, perhaps, a few loose pennies always useful and convenient to pay the toll. As previously written, do not forget the documents (all passengers must be fitted) and the confirmation of the reservation if you have decided to stay in hotels, camping or B&B.

System the seats in the correct position and check the correct functioning of the safety belts. Fix your baggage at the bottom of the loading compartment and behind the backrest. Put in the car rack what should not be on hand during the trip, what you seem less necessary at the moment

Check both during the trip, when you stop somewhere for intermediate stops and especially before you put yourself in gear, the load on the car rack. Remember to adjust the headlights to the car load, check the tyre pressure, the engine oil, the coolant. Maybe bring some CDs or a key to listen to good music with your family.

After the holidays better wash the car and check that it has been free from any dents and damage

How to distribute baggage and pets

Have you ever wondered where it is best to place your luggage? First of all you should consider the fact that objects that have more weight (such as suitcases or boxes) should be placed on the ground of your vehicle, near the axle of the wheels; Above them, you can arrange your suitcases with less weight. It would be good to be able to tie together the suitcases trying to immobilize them.

Do you always bring your tablet or phone or laptop with you? Have you ever, for example, put your mobile phone over the seat? If so, know that you made a mistake. In fact, even these objects should be placed on the ground of the car or in a safe place so that they do not become a blunt object or even lethal in case of strong braking or accident, because they could be projected in the air to a strong Speed. Objects blown up in the air can reach increasing weights in proportion to the speed of impact. Always for this reason, if you travel with children, remember to put their toys in a bag and store it in the trunk or in the car rack so as to prevent their toys from spreading on the seats

About your inseparable pets, the road code states that it is strictly forbidden to transport more than one pet and in any case to prevent or make driving unsafe. If you want to carry more pets, you must use the cages or containers or place them in the rear compartment in the driving seat divided by a network. You can then carry your only trust in the trunk or back seat if it does not hinder driving. If you have several four-legged friends you need to equip yourself with cages for cars: You can also place them in the trunk or rear seats just in case you can fix a network in the car that prevents them from disturbing you in the guide. If you use skis, in the case of a winter excursion in the mountains, you can use the car carrier for the prealpina rear enclosures; Positioned posteriorly they will be less friction and will be less exposed to the wind.

For extra baggage You can use the different models of La Prealpina car carriers: If you want your clothes and objects to remain dry and clean use the box. Its aerodynamic shape is less friction and preserves your suitcases from wind, rain and other climatic disturbances.