Pre-assembled ski carrier TOP 40

Pre-assembled ski carrier. Sturdy supporting structure made of steel section. Load surface lined with non-slip, scratchproof PVC. Supports and clamps made of pressed steel plate painted with “long life” anti-corrosion thermo-setting powders. Polymer skiclamp/ clamp-cover terminal fitted with lock and key. Can be transformed into multi-purpose roof rack releasing the upper arms.

Recommended for: great versatility of use and application and sturdiness. Is to be used in conjunction with the “L” attachment Kit System

Types of loads

Rubber Dinghy
Ski 6

Code and sizes

  • Cod. 13040 - TOP 40 BAS lockable ski rack trasf. in roof bars

Others information

One-side closing

Carrying capacity 60 kg*

Assembly spanner provided

For cars without gutter

6 pairs of skis

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* N.B. The load capacities of our products, indicated in this catalog, are in any case subject to the specific capacity of the roofs of the cars of the various car manufacturers and relative assembly kits.