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La Prealpina. A success story for over 40 years.

La Prealpina is a company which has always been a leading manufacturer of racks, bike racks and ski racks for every type of vehicle. A firm at 360 degrees, with an entrepreneurial spirit that is not only production-oriented, but decisively concentrated in the field of research and development.

La Prealpina, in its office at Volvera (Turin) works with a team of specialists who study new ideas in line with international standards and with the latest market trends. Technical and production expertise and a tendency towards innovation: these are the ingredients for a successful outcome that has lasted over 40 years.


Professionalism that has always placed the customer in the center, with accomplishments that combine design, practicality, functionality, high quality and competitive prices.

La Prealpina products are always a guarantee, thanks to studies on aerodynamics, materials and design, and the Companyís Quality Certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

All aspects of the production stages are taken care of, starting from the operation of a production chain that is entirely in-house: design, molding, painting and packaging.

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